The CCEHS is a resource and service center sponsoring learning opportunities for medical professionals within the University of Pittsburgh and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, as well as those from across the United States and other countries who are impacted by our academic and clinical enterprises.

Continuing Education Certification

If you are seeking continuing education credits, please contact CCEHS early in the planning process and prior to any marketing activities, educational grant submissions or curriculum development.

The CCEHS currently sponsors the following educational formats:

  • Live, formal activities/courses (conferences, colloquia, review courses, seminars, symposia, workshops) The first step in the process is to schedule a telephone planning meeting with CCEHS administration. This planning call will enable CCEHS to obtain needs assessment and planning requirements necessary to provide certification for the activity. This call also provides us the opportunity to explain the process in more detail. For additional information or to schedule a call contact Vanessa Larson
  • Regularly scheduled series (grand rounds, tumor boards, case conferences) An RSS is an activity that is a series with multiple sessions and is primarily planned by and presented to professional staff. When approved, certification is valid for one year. Any session during that period is designated for credit if it conforms to the global learning objectives of the series. A departmental Contact must be assigned to be responsible for submitting the required paperwork and data entry as well as on-site coordination. For additional information contact Karen Bonsmann,
  • Enduring materials (CD-ROMs, audio/video tapes, monographs) For additional information contact Erin List,
  • CCEHS sponsors a variety of online learning opportunities. In addition, CCEHS hosts a web-based educational site. For additional information contact Erin List, The Health Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh and the CCEHS hosts a web-based educational site, The site was developed to find a balance between face-to-face instruction and online education without compromising the quality of training or implementing a costly solution. The site offers the following benefits:

    • Access to modules is open to the public.
    • Registration to use the system is quick and easy.
    • Creating a module is easy and cost effective.
    • Learner credits are accrued automatically through the CCEHS Credit Transcript System.

CME Outreach Coordination

CCEHS, in conjunction with UPMC's Physician Services Division Office of Referring Physician Relations, works with regional hospitals and other health care organizations to support the continuing medical education needs for physicians.

Center for Continuing Education in the Health Sciences
Melinda Splane
Executive Director
Center for Continuing Education in the Health Sciences
Phone: 412-647-8152
Fax: 412-647-8222

Industry Support

It is the policy of the UPMC Center for Continuing Education in the Health Sciences (“CCEHS”) to comply with the UPMC Industry Relationship Policy and University of Pittsburgh Industry Relationship Policy,, including the provision that Industry Support must be negotiated through CCEHS

All programs must comply with the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support of Educational Programs (or other similarly rigorous, applicable standards required by other health professions) including the following provisions:

  • All programs must be offered for educational and scientific purposes only.
  • All programs must have an academic or clinical unit within one of the institutions assuming responsibility for the scientific, educational, and financial integrity of each program (“academic sponsor”).
  • All funds and In-kind donations from industry (all sources other than governmental agencies) must be in the form of an educational grant accompanied by an agreement.
  • Industry support cannot be accepted for social events.
  • Industry cannot pay faculty directly for travel or honoraria and they cannot directly pay for meals or social events associated with an educational program.
  • Industry cannot pay for or subsidize tuition, lodging, or other expenses for course participants or their guests.
  • The program cannot promote, either directly or indirectly, the pecuniary interests of the company or other commercial entities.
  • Solicitation of exhibit support must be in compliance with the CCEHS Exhibitor Policy. To view this policy, please click here.

For additional information or to request support, contact Justine Rubino,, at least 4 months prior to the program start date. Requests received later jeopardizes the likelihood that all standards will be met for execution of commercial support grant agreements and even the possibility of whether or not the grantor’s funds have been depleted.

Additional Services

Grand Rounds Administration

To perform administrative tasks for Grand Rounds Courses please log in: Grand Rounds Administration.